Get the most out of our platform by making it work the way you want.

Designed to evolve with you.

Shouldn’t enterprise software deliver breakthrough technology and keep up with the way you do business?

That’s why we set out to create air.status that evolves as fast as the industry does. It’s why we’re still coming up with exciting new features to make air.status even better.

So you have exactly what you need to innovate in the air quality reporting and take on tomorrow.


Our easy-to-use platform works by providing deep analytics and complete access to data systems in real-time. Plus, air.status takes care of the software, hardware, and upkeep so you don’t have to, providing a complete IoT Solution.

Our software platform allows you to visualize your sensor data, and manage and view your sensor data directly from our platform. Any of your data storage can easily be integrated through our API's .

Our platform is multi-domain and multi-tenant, which means that you can manage and view all your different sensor solutions through a single application.

Our platform is cloud-based which offers a cost-effective solution.

This means that there is no need for you to invest in any additional hardware or software. Our solution runs on state of the art technology provided my Microsoft Azure.

  • Mobility. SaaS solutions offer anytime, anywhere access to applications and data. Marketing Software as a Service (SaaS) to B2B customers often emphasizes the technology’s ability to enable collaboration in a geographically diverse workforce.
  • Lower Upfront Costs. The nature of SaaS means that customers need to spend less on the hardware, software and people it would take to host the solution in-house.
  • Easy Upgrades. Another key message for marketing Software as a Service (SaaS) is that upgrades and security patches are hassle-free. Since software is updated by the SaaS provider, there is no need to perform software upgrades on individual devices.

air.status integrates with just about any type of sensor and data storage using our API's to execute the necessary data acquisition.

Our solution is sensor independent and works with mobile and fixed sensors. Our API means that we can connect to any data storage to fetch data to import into the air.status platform.

  • Data acquisition from analyzers and other devices via API
  • Calculations that include scaling, adjustment, linearization, normalization; aggregation of the resulting data on various time period to determine averages
  • Management of failures, thresholds overruns and alarms

Data is one thing, clean data is another.

We don't just import the data and hope that it all makes sense. We have intelligence built into our platform that ensures incoming data is validated. This ensures the accuracy of the visualizations and reporting.

  • Automatic data validation in real time
  • Set of customizable data validation rules
  • Backup of the automatically validated data until final inspection
  • Traceability of the automatically validation actions

At-a-glance Air Quality Analytics

  • Automated Air Quality Reports

  • Built-in Maps

  • Dashboard and KPI's

  • Interactive Charts

  • SMS and Email Alerts

  • Mobile App for Mobile Capture

  • Threshold Management

  • Device Management

  • Location Management